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Matchbox Twenty & The Goo Goo Dolls

Sprint Center
Kansas City, MO

Matchbox Twenty & The Goo Goo Dolls, Sprint Center, Kansas City, MO

07:00 PM Calendar


1407 Grand Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64106
United States
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Music : Pop rock, Alternative Rock, Post-Grunge

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Matchbox Twenty & The Goo Goo Dolls

Special Guest Kate Earl

Matchbox Twenty :
North is a direction. It's a place. It's a marker of progress -- and an intended destination.

NORTH is also the title of Matchbox Twenty's fourth album, the quartet's first release in five years, its first set of all-new material in a decade, and, perhaps most rewarding, the first album to debut at #1 in the band’s highly decorated career. And like other connotations of the word, the 12-song set represents a determined journey, a carefully considered path that combines earnest melodicism with sly and even snarky fun as well as a new internal world order that has made Matchbox Twenty a tighter and even more collaborative band than ever before in its 17-year career.

"We approached this record a lot differently," attests front man Rob Thomas. "Rather than me just writing a bunch of songs, bringing them to the band and then us arranging them together, this was a lot of collaboration. A lot of the songs we wrote together, especially me and Paul (Doucette) and Kyle (Cook). We needed a little time to figure out how that works, how that dynamic works with three people who are used to writing alone. How do we get in a room and not kill each other?"

Doucette has the answer: "Taking our time was exactly the point. We were like, 'Let's use that to our advantage -- take our time, not feel as much pressure or any pressure and just write a lot of songs and see what kind of record we want to make."

The Goo Goo Dolls :
After more than two decades as a band, with nine albums, a catalog of songs that have become ingrained in the pop consciousness and countless concerts for millions of fans, the Goo Goo Dolls are feeling particularly good about their new album: Magnetic.

More to the point, the Goo Goo Dolls are feeling particularly good. Period.

“This album was really upbeat and fun,” says John Rzeznik, the trio’s primary singer, songwriter and guitarist since it was founded in Buffalo in 1986. “I don’t think we’ve made a record like this in a while. Just had a great time doing it.”

It’s a great time overall for the musicians. Bassist Robby Takac, whose partnership with Rzeznik has been the band’s foundation since the start, and his wife have just had their first child. And Rzeznik is getting married this summer.

Not to mention that recently three of the band’s songs placed in Billboard’s Top 100 of 1992-2012, with “Iris” standing at No. 1. That song has also connected with a new generation, as Dolls fan Taylor Swift has been performing it in her concerts.

That joy is all there in the spirit of the 11 new songs on the album, for which Rzeznik, Takac and drummer Mike Malinin — the lineup steady since 1995 — recorded in New York, London and Los Angeles with Gregg Wattenberg (Train), Rob Cavallo (Green Day), John Shanks (Bon Jovi) and Greg Wells (Katy Perry). From the celebratory single “Rebel Beat” to the love-rediscovery ballad “Slow It Down,” from the blue-collar anthem “Keep the Car Running” to the meltingly romantic “Come to Me,” Magnetic is an album bursting with a spirit of renewal. And nowhere is it more explicit than in one of two Takac-penned songs: “Happiest of Days.”

“All the writing is an extension of ourselves,” Rzeznik says. “My life’s amazing. When I sit and think about my life, it really has been incredible.”



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