Kalu New Years Eve 2013

Kalu Asian Restaurant & Bistro
Charlotte, NC

Kalu New Years Eve 2013, Kalu Asian Restaurant & Bistro, Charlotte, NC

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505 East 6th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
United States
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Kalu Asian Restaurant & Bistro NYE 2013

Last year around this time, we took time to remember the past in order to prepare for an adventurous future.. 

The result was an elite group of individuals congregating in their appreciation of life and the celebratory fashion of one's accomplishements...

With the same acknowledgement and level of rejoice, this time we enjoy our coming of an ending that reaches a new beginning.  A beginning, at which we finish what we started in 2012...

Last year we prepared for the excitement prior to conquering the year...

This year, we will reach the maximum level of excitement, as the year 2013 is our year...

We will have a precelebratory fashion for the dominance of goals that we will pursue and achieve...

As we set goal oriented resolutions, a combination of sexy, young, professionals will celebrate in a fashion that will never be forgotten..

Monday, December 31, 2012, The Queen City's combination of experience & common socialites have collaborated to host "The Most Memorable" yet jet-setting night of your life...

Bennie Gray | W. Myers | Nick "Primetime" Ingram | M. Watson | Timothy Bailey

* * * * * Presents * * * * *

The Second Annual



505 East Sixth Street

Charlotte, NC

Multilevel complex | Special Celebrity Guest DJ | Multiple Illuminating Bars

Experience the following:

- Hors d'oeuvres

- Champagne Toasting

- Multiple Live National Video Feeds Of The Countdown

- - come celebrate what's behind us & what's to come - -

This event is for the ~Grown and Gorgeous~

*** Advance Tickets and Reservation will receive complimentary priority entry and incentives *** 

Doors open at 9:30

Dress Code: Grown & Sexy Attire

No Athletic Wear/No Hats


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