The Motet

Fox Theatre
Boulder, CO

The Motet, Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO

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1135 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80302
United States
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Music : Funk, Jazz, Jam Band

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This is going to be our most fun New Year's Celebration yet!! In addition to the funky afrobeat we love so much and a variety classics from our historic Halloween shows, we'll be throwing down some BRAND NEW MOTET material from our upcoming album. Plus, we get to share the stage with a couple of great bands and good friends of ours: Dubskin and Euforquestra.
Forget 2012 end of time, this is going to be The Beginning of Time Ball!!

Celebrate NYE with...THE MOTET and DUBSKIN
Doors: 8:30PM
Show: 9:00 PM
Ages: 21+

The Motet
Using the rich musical landscapes of Boulder and Denver Colorado as their muse, The Motet has mastered the delicate task of constantly reinventing their sound while staying true to their various roots. Founded in 1998 by Dave Watts, The Motet has become one of the best improvisational bands touring . Their ability to seamlessly fuse elements of afro-beat, electronica, funk, and jazz has led to a sound that defies categorization.

The Motet is a world-class ensemble that whips audiences into a whirling frenzy using sheer impromptu force. With their spontaneous and textured rhythms and hard-driving beats, the band creates a repertoire between themselves and the audiences that is rarely seen in today’s manufactured rock. The Motet consecrates the ground on which dance music meets free-form improvisation, allowing a diverse audience to become immersed in their eclectic sound. “Our tendency to avoid being pigeon-holed is a reflection of who we are as musicians,” said Watts. “We try to be open-minded about how we approach different genres and traditions.”



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